Saturday, 4 July 2020

Bullshit !

SUNDAY 5th July 2020:
The BBC yesterday truly lives up to its name as The Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation, hour after hour running pre-prepared stories about hairdressers and pubs re-opening. What really happened yesterday I can not tell you. What the death rate was I can not record.

Facebook has geeked up its operation, I have become angered by all the rubbish people have been posting so I a trying to live my life without it. Early days yet , I hope I can maintain the abstinence. 

6am and I have BBC New on the television. Let's see what rubbish The Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation is putting out. Just a repeat of yesterday but instead of saying it was going to happen it is now happening. Social distancing now down to three quarters of an inch !

What a sad society we have, a sad society where a pint or six of beer or half an inch off the length of a person's hair is more important than another person's life.

In my writing I am currently working on a book telling tales from years gone bye in the area where I live. I have been talking about names on war memorials. What would those young people make of all this ?

Milton Keynes, where I live, is centred on an ancient Saxon community. I am going to soon write a chapter debating what our ancient ancestors would make of twenty-first Britain.

I have turned the sound off on the television and am watching one of the squirrels in my garden. I wonder what he would thing about the society he is living alongside.

Page ninety-seven today in my blog, just three more pages to go. Right now I feel my writing is fizzling out. If everything indeed ends that way then so be it. If life in the pandemic fizzles out into a new form of normal than I guess we will have to put u p with it. Three more daily pages to write. In years to come when people find and read these words I wonder what theyb will make of my account. Perhaps they will simply say BULLSHIT !

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