Friday, 5 June 2020

What value liives ?

6th June 2020:
Yesterday 357 beautiful lives came to an end in Britain. Three hundred and fifty seven families and friends who are grieving their losses.

It is absolutely impossible to comprehend the level of the grief these beautiful lives have left behind. I can not comprehend the grief even though today is a day of grieving for me. Boris Cummings-Johnson and his failing band of Yes Men, can you comprehend the grief ?  We have now passed forty thousand deaths in Britain from corona virus. 

But let's get things into perspective !  Boris Cummings-Johnson is now taking personal charge in the fight against the pandemic.What is he achieving ?

You can now go to McDonald's and drive through to buy the mass produced crap they sell.  From next week you will have to wear a face mask when using public transport but this week it is perfectly safe not to wear one. The airline industry is tightening its grip on a certain part of Boris Cummings-Johnson's anatomy so his Yes Men are looking for ways around the fourteen day isolation  period for those entering the country.

So as restrictions are relaxed remember the virus has not magically disappeared. Your immune system has not changed. There is no cure. There is no vaccine. The only thing that has changed is powerful lobbies, business and economic pressures have out-lobbied public health science and concerns for collective death.

How many beautiful lives do you expect to be lost today Boris Cumming-Johnson ?  Will you need to seek permission  from the likes of McDonald's before you can comment and change the way you are failing to lead our nation  ?

Today is the anniversary of my daughter's funeral. This day is always harder for me than the anniversary of her death.  Yesterday's page was a bit different as I tried to rally support for a project operating in her memory.  Nine people read it, just nine and of those nine not a single person responded.

Forty thousand people are dead because of corona virus in Britain. Can you comprehend the level of grief ?  Can you Mr Boris Cummings-Johnson ?  Even in my own grief I can not !

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