Tuesday, 30 June 2020

What next ?

TUESDAY 30th JUNE 2020
Just what next ?

As of today I am still planning to stop writing this blog on Sunday but what next ?  How many days after Sunday before I start volume two and share how I am feeling during the second and bigger spike in the pandemic ?

So Leicester is facing a lock down. Is that Leicester  city centre, the whole of the city or is it as far as the entire county ?

If Leicester is spiking under the present lock down regime what good will it do to extend that regime ?  The people there need protection by returning to the original tough measures.

An official government spokesman said DOH ! WE HADN'T THOUGHT OF THAT !

While this is going on we have Boris prancing about in a hat that does not fit him, Dominic Cummings you messed up there didn't you, promising all kinds of things. Seriously, do you think he and his failing government will be able to deliver ?  Look at the government's record over the past three months !

Writing this blog I am trying to express how I feel during lock down. Before publishing my writing next week I will, of course, read through and check all of the draft text. I think I will find that I drift through being positive, to negative, to anger, to frustration. I take out my anger and frustration on Boris and his mates, fairly or unfairly. Right now I am feeling fearful. Understand my fears and spend a few moments thinking of those who are in Leicester. They need your support, for certain they aint getting it from Boris and his mates !

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