Friday, 19 June 2020

The End Is Nigh

SATURDAY 20th JUNE 2020:
How much longer ?  How much longer should I start my day writing this page ?  How much longer is our country to be controlled by this pandemic ?  How much longer before our country returns to normal ?   How much longer do  we  have  to  live ?  THE END IS NIGH !

135 deaths from corona virus on Thursday, yesterday 173 families lost a dear one but the government continues along its suicidal path telling us things are getting better and now we can drop the alert level !

How much longer should I continue writing ?  I wrote my first page on 27th March and before I add in today's thought I have penned  42,718 words. 86 editions so far. I had been thinking to keep writing until 5th July which will be my 100th page. Then I was going to publish all on Amazon under the title of Escape From Armageddon.

We have NOT escaped the evil of the pandemic but society is pretending we have and the government is following the pretence.  The government has lowered the alert level in response to the way people are going about their lives. Last night's Downing Street briefing was pathetic, was it deliberately designed to turn people off ?  Literally turning off their television sets ?  It was delivered by the minister of education, looks to me as if he could do with a bit of education himself starting with some communication skills closely followed by lessons in common sense.

I have given up on my dream that we will emerge into a better society. Given up big time. We have institutionalised incompetence now hiding behind the situation through which we are living. 

On an earlier page I talked about an open letter I sent to every single member of Milton Keynes Council. Have a guess how many replied. Go on have a guess !  ONE !  Is that institutionalised incompetence or is it a clear indication that to a politician real people and their lives count for very little.

As I move to this paragraph I dare you to call me a racist.  I am approaching seventy years of age and have a life behind me proving I am not and never have been a racist. Black Lives Matter ? NO ! NO ! NO !  LIVES MATTER - full stop. ALL life matters, all human life matters, animal life matters ! We have people using the situation to manufacture racism and hatred. We have people who are trying to eradicate history.

In another project I am writing about Queen Boudica and Roman Britain. Does that mean we should today alienate all Italians ?  We have just celebrated VE Day, was that racist against the Germans ? We are coming up to American Independence Day, should that be banned ?  Are there slavery connections ?

Nelson Mandela - Martin Luther King Junior - Mahatma Gandhi - what colour were they ? One second in one day in the life of just one of these people is worth more than all of Black Lives Matter. ALL LIVES MATTER !

I can think of one black woman, a thoroughly unpleasant person who I dislike intently. I do not hate her, I dislike her and such would be the case no matter what colour she had on her skin. I can think of one white woman who has no regard for people only her own self-centred life. I do not hate her, I hate what she does and what she represents but colour does not come into it.

I do not smoke, never have but saw a naked man curled up on the printed packet of cigarettes. What the heck !  Looking closely the image was there explaining that smoking causes impotence.  Does it ?  Is that image sexist ?

Here's a thought.  On every McDonald's burger box, on every packet of meat in every supermarket can we please have an image of an animal being slaughtered to make the product. ALL LIVES MATTER !

If the whole world went vegetarian overnight we would cut way back global warming.

ALL LIVES MATTER but they do not matter one tiny little bit if we destroy the planet upon which ALL LIFE EXISTS.

Beware THE END IS NIGH. THE END IS NIGHT - eternal darkness.

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