Saturday, 27 June 2020

Suicide is painless

SUNDAY 28th JUNE 2020:
Are you familiar with the classic American TV series MASH ?  Set in the Korean War the theme tune for the series has become known as Suicide Is Painless.

In my teaching career I have a memory. A friend of mine who was a local GP and who was on the rota of police surgeons knocked on my door one morning knocked on my door saying he would take my children to school that day as I needed to get to my office. Police officers would be there at nine o'clock. One of my students had committed suicide !

Was it painless for this teenager ?  I'll never know but the pain for his family, his friends and everyone who had to deal with the aftermath of his death the pain was excruciating.

We have elements of society who right now are metaphorically trying to commit suicide with the pain for us all excruciating.

Our country is lacking leadership, unbelievable stupidity is being accepted as the norm and the media is burying the news.

Yesterday I switched on the TV news at five o'clock. The lead items were USA and India. Important though happenings in these two nations are they are not relevant to our situation here in England. I wanted to know what the death toll for the day was but the BBC was hiding it. I tried use in the NHS website to find out but that website is written using Braille and invisible ink !  Eventually I found it was 100 - ONE HUNDRED !  If  you believe our failing government figures are low at the week-end because of the way statistics are gathered. So what is the REAL figure ?  Will we ever know ?

We have had since lock down was prematurely CANCELLED - not eased but cancelled we have had black lives matter fuelling racism, we have had hideous gatherings on beaches, street parties, Liverpool FC bringing shame on its city and the entire sport.  Within this our police have had to run towards danger in order to prevent suicide of our nation. Many have been injured, some seriously. Have people been arrested and charged across the above ?  I don't know, the media has not reported it properly.

Facebook was a useful tool but now it is GARBAGE !  People are posting such nonsense for my money the sooner this bit of social media goes bust the better !

OH and by the way, I gave up trying to use Tumbledowndryer or what ever the blog system is, it's even more geeky and user unfriendly than Google Blogger.

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