Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Rudderless ship

We are on board a rudderless ship zig-zagging across the Sea of Peril !

Another 286 deaths in the UK yesterday bringing the total corona virus death figure to 40,833 !

Each and every one a real person with  a life which has been sacrificed to the virus. How many of these 40,833 lives have been lost due to the rudderless ship of failure aka The Boris Johnson Government.

Another 286 lives lost yesterday, 286 lives where today family and friends are grieving with no love and support from the rudderless ship of our government.

We have seen a U-turn on the re-opening of schools but the government boasts the likes of McDonald's can re-open. Why ?  Have we not managed perfectly well without fast food ?  AH MONEY !  McDonald's has a rudder on its ship and has blasted its way through government policy.

The government is ceasing funding to protect of homeless rough-sleepers, ending on the 5th June.  Please do not tell me the rudderless ship is doing anything for their long-term future.

Pre the pandemic the biggest failing department of government was the Justice Department able to boast an 80% failure rate. The rudderless ship is steering it now towards 100% ! While others are going the extra mile the sad, pathetic wimps are hiding their failure behind corona virus. Staff withing the injustice department are working from home but nobody is doing anything to process the post which is every day mounting higher and higher.  SAD PATHETIC WIMPS.

I have signed an on-line petition demanding that car registration numbers are printed on all fast food take away bags.  YES, I do support this but here's a better idea - impose a tax on every single packaging item - £1 per item. OK - a quarter pounder meal from McDonalds: 1 the box containing the burger. 2 the box containing the fries. 3 the bag containing ll this lot. 4 5 McDonald's will give you a fistfull of napkins but here let's say they give you two. 6 7 8 a cup of Coke, the top of the cup and the straw. That's 8 items - £8 tax which can be used to fund positive things.  How about that Boris ?

There really isn't any doubt is there that this government and its uninspiring prime minister will go down in history as one of our nation's biggest failures.

I went to do my weekly shop yesterday. Social distancing, what social distancing ?

People have gone crazy saying black lives matter, OK yes they do but ALL lives matter and right now the 4,833 lives which have been lost due to the failing navigation of our rudderless ship matter.  I am not suggesting a riot but I am suggesting a peaceful and meaningful mutiny to get the ship properly on course.

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