Saturday, 13 June 2020

Racist !

SUNDAY 14th JUNE 2020
What do you think about all this Black Lives Matter stuff that is going on right now ?

In my opinion this is more dangerous than the corona virus pandemic. I really can not understand the agenda people are trying to play out ?  What is the point of it all.

Right now the black lives matter campaigners are creating hatred and racism which did not exist a month ago. What are they doing and why are they doing it ?

Compared to where we were when I was I was a teenager Britain is not a racist society. We may not have reached the point where we are oblivious to a person's colour but we are well along the way. Black lives matter has, in my opinion, seriously undone much of what has been achieved.

We can not turn back history, we can not impose twenty-first attitudes on times in the seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. On the subject of slavery who captured the black men, women and children then sold them to white slave traders ?  Black people did !

Black lives matter. Yes they do but they do not matter more than white lives, brown lives ALL LIVES.  By singling out black lives the protesters are giving us a new form of racism. A racism which is horrible.

I have never been a racist as my life history shows and I do not want right now colour rammed into my face. What is happening has not turned me into a racist and I trust it never will but please stop trying.

It is a cliche to say there is only one race, the human race but it is true. Please stop trying to sub divide the race. If a policeman who just happens to be white kills a person who just happens to be black please do not bring colour into it. Deal with the situation, do not use it as an excuse to riot and destroy property, do not use it as an excuse to injure people. Do not use it to drag past society into the present. Do not use it to generate a new twenty-first century brand of racism.

I love PEOPLE and colour does not come into it. As a young man photographs show I was handsome and good looking. Today I am an ugly old sod who hates the way he looks.  I truly think I would look better with a dash of colour in my face. Why do white people lay out in the sun trying to get a tan or spend a fortune in salons trying to get a tan ?  Because a splash of colour on the skin looks good.

If I could not be an Englishman I would like to be Barbadian and live on the beautiful island of Barbados. I would not want to be a white Barbadian, I would like to be a black Barbadian. Why ?  Because it is the black Barbadians who make the country so friendly and beautiful.

ALL THIS RUBBISH - What is happening is more dangerous than the corona virus. STOP IT !

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