Monday, 29 June 2020

My Politics

MONDAY 29th June 2020
In much of what I write I poke my tongue into my cheek with great force as and when it comes to speaking about politicians.  When it comes to rating humanity where would you place a traffic warden and a politician ?  The traffic warden would be pone hundred or more steps up the ladder than a politician.

When I am asked what my politics are I have previously said that I am AN EXTREME FAR RIGHT SOCIALIST. Socialist because I love people, extreme far right because there us nothing I will not do to metaphorically flatten anyone who gets in the way of my caring for people.  However, I think I have moved on the political scale and am now a UTOPIAN. Utopian - I want the best for everyone and I want the best for everything of value on the planet. Please note the words everything of value.

Lock down has seen a beautiful increase in wildlife, nature and beauty. ALL life matters and in my book a human being is of no greater importance or value to a sparrow. In the christian religion is says he sees the meanest sparrow fall unnoticed in the street. Why is the word meanest used ?  It implies the sparrow is of no value in the eyes of the man-created god of this religion.

Speaking a while back with the Imam of our local mosque he said that god created all life but put man at the top of the various lifeforms. I added that if he did then man was put where he is in order to care for all life forms.

Politicians do not care for people do they ?  Of course not.  Have we not seen in the pandemic how politicians have failed to show real care ?

It may change but I am thinking to stop writing this blog on Sunday 5th July, that date may change but whenever I stop I will have written the first page as an EXTREME FAR RIGHT SOCIALIST and will be writing the last page as a UTOPIAN.

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