Monday, 8 June 2020

Monday - A new week

MONDAY 8th JUNE 2020
I am a little bit late writing today's blog. I am The Geriatric DJ on an international radio station. During lock down the studio has been closed and I am not clever enough to broadcast from home using my laptop. The studio has now reopened so I was at the microphone when normally I would be writing this page. I had a good couple of hours playing music and this lifted my spirits. I had listeners in France, Russia, UK, Thailand, USA, Germany, United Arab Emerits and Italy.

These are hard times, we have a failing prime minister and a useless government.  Now we have these hideous riots. What is happening ?  In today's playlist I had put Barry McGuire's Eve Of Destruction. I was going play it as I brought the show to an end but as I had rocked and rolled for two hours celebrating our super heroes who are going the extra mile and more to support and protest us I did not want smash the show down with something negative. 

Even though we are in a hideous situation we need to be positive, smile and be happy then pass these feelings on to others. If you ask me that is were our government is going wrong. Just look at the depressing Downing Street briefings we have all stopped watching. If we had a better leadership, if we had been given inspiration the perhaps those hideous riot.s would not have happened.

As I played music this morning for our super heroes it did not enter my mind for a moment to wonder who was black, white, brown or pink with yellow spots. Some of the tracks I played were from Black singers and others from White guys and girls. It's the music that counts. 

No, I did not mention the riots during my show !  No I did not mention Boris Cumming-Johnson. Why should I ?  I was being positive

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