Saturday, 13 June 2020


SATURDAY 13th JUNE 2020:
I have had three mega stress filled day in a time where stress for us all is the basic norm. Having poured a glass of orange juice over my laptop so destroying it I purchased a replacement from Argos but that was faulty !  I have so much work to do I am now tackling everything using a laptop Alan Turin would have thought a bit outdated !  Now I am trying to use the Google updated Blogger which does not work properly !

So all that !  Let me tell you about some lovely acts of kindness.

DREAMSAI has given me a load of PPE which my council and local police can use when engaging with individual members of the community where those individuals do not have PPE.

DREAMSAI is, of course, the group I have been working with running our LUNCH OF LOVE
until lock down closed our doors. One of the things I need my computer to do is to take all of the brainstorm of ideas out of my head and put them into order for friends at DREAMSAI to read.

How did we manage to live our lives without computers ?

A goof friend is working to repair my machines. Thank You MARK.

As I write today's blog I am listening to the podcast from my Thursday radio show - CLICK HERE and join me. I played all of the music for Dreamsai but particularly to celebrate the 11th birthday of a lovely young lady who during
lock down has been doing sponsored chores about her home, she has been baking cakes for neighbours. As she baked the cakes the biggest ingredient was LOVE, All the cleaning cloths she used about the house in her sponsored chores were cloths of love.

Raising more than two hundred pounds that money has been given to DREAMSAI to help spread its love.

I need a working computer so I can continue my writing. I have two books on the go:

This blog which I plan to publish when "normality" returns. If ever.

I am having a lot of fun writing MILTON DREAMS THE CITY THAT NEVER WAS. This is a follow up to my 1994 book about the adolescent Milton Keynes - NOT THE CONCRETE COWS. I think that work may well be finished and on my Amazon Bookshelf by early July.  I am having a lot of fun writing it but I want it out of the way so I can concentrate on a third project GETTING TO KNOW MY GRANDDAD.

The central character is a disaffected and underachieving teenager who is curious to find out why his granddad is so incredibly wealthy. Richard decides to write a blog as he undertakes his investigation.

He learns that his granddad, who is also called Richard is Trickie Dickie and The Diamonds. He assumes his grandfather was a diamond dealer. NO. Trickie Dickie was the lead singer in The Diamonds. An aging teacher at school, Pappy Newman, tells his pupil that if the Beatles had not come along British Rock and Roll Singer Trickie Dickie would have been bigger than Elvis Presley.

Trickie Dickie was born in October 1940. I am setting the story in 2019 to avoid the pandemic. In November 2019 Richard will celebrate his 16th birthday. His blog becomes a time travel adventure as he goes back to become a teenage rock and roll star alongside his granddad.

No longer a disaffected and under achieving teenager Richard becomes the twenty-first century's King of Rock and Roll.

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