Tuesday, 23 June 2020

It's all over !

TUESDAY 22nd June 2020
If you believe the news it will be hotter in England today that in Barbados. I love Barbados, it is a truly beautiful island and it has been far too long since I was last there, But it is not the beaches or the palm trees that make Barbados the paradise it is, the people make it such a beautiful island.

Yesterday fifteen people died from corona virus, fifteen more beautiful people who will never see another day. That is a false figure, of course, figures are always false over the week-end. Or so we are told !

I find it so hard that people are celebrating this low number of deaths, celebrating because it means normality can be restored. Normality but at such a price, such an unacceptable price in human life.

Today, if you believe the news, Boris Cummings-Johnson will announce in effect that lock down is over. Pubs will reopen, how many lives equal one pub ?  Anything and everything will re-open.  Climate cowboys will soon be back in action, wild life will suffer and we will back on mission to destroy our planet.

How many more days will I write my daily blog before I stop ? I'll keep going for a bit.

How long before I can properly access my doctor's surgery ?  Not that I need to but far too many administrators within our NHS have not been showing the dedication our front line doctors and nurses have.

How long before prisons stop using the situation to hide behind their 80% failure rate ?

How long before failing local authorities rebuild tent cities within their boundaries ?

Well all that's normal isn't and normal is what we want to happen. These things don't matter, it's Costa Coffee, McDonald's and giant shopping centres that matter !

How long before England becomes as beautiful as Barbados ?  Easy answer - NEVER !

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