Monday, 15 June 2020

One step forward - How many backwards ?

MONDAY 15th June 2020
Am I dreaming or did I see Bros Johnson on television yesterday ? Do you know who Boris Johnson is ?  Well it's one giant step for our nation that he has come out of hiding. Boris let's see more of you, let's see some leadership.

One step forward, how many backwards ?  Leadership does not mean re-opening the shops today. We may talk about social distancing but following the Dominic Cummings scandal people are only giving lip-service to two yards !  Money is pushing this to become 1 yard, makes no difference we may as well make it half an inch.

Please not YARDS - FEET - INCHES. We have left the infernal european union (deliberately spelt with small case letters) - we won the Battle of Waterloo so we will use proper measurements shall we.

NO !  Doing that is racist.  

I went to our local police station earlier this morning to drop of a card for the family and colleagues of a police sergeant who died last week. Some idiot had painted black lives matter on the steps up to the police station. Just how low can we get ? I am getting sick, tired and utterly fed up with all this racist rubbish ! The black lives matter is inciting racism.

For something I am campaigning about in our failing justice system I found this on Wikipedia:    in 2006; Governor Phil Taylor banned officers from displaying the English Flag as he was fearing that it may upset the foreign prisoners.

How long before we enter the inevitable second spike in the pandemic ?  When we start to come out from that point I hope we do so only with steps forward.

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