Saturday, 6 June 2020


SUNDAY 7th JUNE 2020:
Has the country gone mad ?  All this taking the knee stuff for the man who brutally lost his life in America.   There is no way what happened can be defended and I rust those who are responsible will be brought fully to justice.

Black lives matter, of course they do. All lives matter, is it racist to separate them out into ethnic groups ? Is that not racist in itself. How many lives are now to be lost by way of the pandemic because of the mass gatherings we are witnessing. Would George Floyd want that to happen ?

Yesterday 204 more lives were lost, today 204 more grieving loved ones. Where was Boris Cummings-Johnson ?  Nowhere to be seen ! No Downing Street briefing yesterday ! Ratings have tumbled so let's not bother. Ratings have tumbled because of the monotonous and uncaring way in which Boris Cummings-Johnson's sad little Yes Men read their scripts.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, winch I am not, I could say that these mass gatherings are a government initiative to cover up its abysmal failure to lead the nation in these difficult times. I wonder what else Boris Cummings-Johnson has up his sleeve. 

I so hope I am wrong but what will the death figures be in two weeks time ?  Sunday 21st June 2020 ?  How many more families will have their hearts and lives torn apart ?


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