Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Can you believe this rubbish !

TUESDAY 16th JUNE 2020:
As non essential shops opened yesterday people flocked in their non social distancing masses to grab whatever rubbish was on sale, rubbish with they have been perfectly able to manage without for three months.

But add to this somethings which I find so offensive I am struggling to grab hold of the words to explain my utter contempt.

In Milton Keynes where I live we have a labour controlled council. The conservative party has started a petition asking the labour council to give two hours free parking so people can put themselves at risk by going to Primark and all the other low grade retail establishments in the shopping centre !

For the most convenient parking spaces in Milton Keynes it costs £2 an hour. £2 an hour if you want to access the law by visiting the police station. Justice is taxed at £2 a hour if you need to use the courts. That tax extends to knowledge should you wish to use the library and to faith if you want to go to church. There is even a £2 an hour tax if you wish to access democracy and visit Milton Keynes Council's offices.

Incidentally, when Milton Keynes Development Corporation laid down its foundation stones it said that there were to be no parking charges in the new city. Milton Keynes Council trashed that with its rip off charges. 

So the conservative politicians want to set aside the parking charges not to honour the Milton Keynes Development Corporation's plan, the sad politicians are not interested in honouring people's right to the law, justice, learning, faith and democracy. NO NO NO !  It's all about MONEY MONEY MONEY.

I have not been to The Centre MK for well more than three years. I refuse to patronise the council's rip off parking charges and I refuse patronise the climate cowboy with its hideous carbon footprint. You could pay me £2 an hour to park there and I would still say NO !

Set aside this rubbish, shop locally or on-line. Boycott Central Milton Keynes and make sure the rubbish of this political petition FAILS FAILS FAILS !

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