Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Business matters - people don't

Watching TV night, watch a detective drama from around ten years ago these words were spoken: You don't matter - I don't matter. Business matters - people do not matter.

Sound familiar ?

Yesterday another 184 deaths occurred in the UK bringing the total to 42,153 !

This is an open letter I sent byb e-mail yesterday to every single member of Milton Keynes Council:

It has come to my notice that the conservative element within our council has started a petition to give two free hours parking in Central Milton Keynes. Presumably this is to support the re-opening of shops.  I would urge, no matter how many sign the petition, for it to be rejected.

Milton Keynes Development Corporation had a foundation stone that there should be no parking charges within the New City. Milton Keynes, of course, is not a city and the council abandoned this edict years ago to impose some very high charges. To park in Central Milton Keynes costs between 5p and £2 an hour.

If a resident of Milton Keynes wishes to access the law and visit Central Milton Keynes Police Station these high charges apply. They are a tax on justice for anyone needing to attend Milton Keynes Magistrates Court. The tax applies to learning when visiting Milton Keynes Library. It applies to faith if parking is needed at Christ The Cornerstone Church. Milton Keynes Council even imposes a tax on democracy charging for parking to visit its own civic offices.

I would suggest these taxes are wrong but I doubt any member of the council, from any party, would campaign against them. Why then is it acceptable to give two hours free parking in order to go shopping ? To shop at The Centre MK or The Intu, both with a hideous carbon footprint ?  A hideous carbon footprint when Milton Keynes Council claims it wants to be the world's greenest authority. A hideous carbon footprint this petition is seeking to enhance.

It is many, many years since I have shopped at The Centre MK. You could PAY me £2 an hour to park and I still would not shop there.  You could pay me £200 an hour and I would refuse to enhance the carbon footprint.

May I urge every member of Milton Keynes Council to reject this ill-advised petition.

Thank you
David Ashford

A resident of Milton Keynes since 1971

So far not a single person has responded.


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