Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Boris Johnson you blithering idiot !


I began writing this daily lock down blog towards the end of March. My early posts praised our government's handling of the crisis. Then reality sank in and Boris Johnson disappeared. Then he returned claiming to take personal charge of protecting our country. Last night he explained what his priorities in "leading" the country are. As I listened to him speaking at the Downing Street Briefing I screamed at the television BORIS JOHNSON YOU BLITHERING IDIOT then turned it off.

Another 233 deaths were announced yesterday, 233 real people with real families grieving today. Two hundred and thirty-three deaths and yet this apology for a prime minister said on national television how happy he is that shops are now open. How happy will the next 233 families to lose a loved one be ?

The government failed our country at the start of the pandemic and it is failing us now.  Who decides which questions from the public are used at the Downing Street briefings ?  Is that Dominic Cummings by any chance ? We all know that his has Boris twisted round his fingers but what does he actual advise him on ? What doe he order him to say ?  We are  now getting questions about the reduction of social distancing from two metres to one metre.  EXCUSE ME !  We have left the EU. We won the Battle of Waterloo so we use YARDS not metres.

I have been to Morrissons Supermarket this morning, Morrissons who I have praised so much in recent weeks for their brilliant and loving operation. Today there was a sad driving school car using the car park, as such did in the past, as a playground. Small car with two people in it, no face masks and social distancing of about twelve INCHES ! Morrissons have now re-introduced the need for a pound coin to use the trolleys. Inside the kind staff who directed customers where to queue were gone. I still had to line up  social distancing but no member of staff now directing customers to specific tills.

How many people will die today ?  Boris BLITHERING Johnson do you care ?  IF YOU DO then please start showing some REAL care and please stop playing games !  PLEASE.  One final thing, if you want to measure social distancing using metres you may like to apply for the position of the presidency of the european union !

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