Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Attention The Failure Department 10 Downing Street

When I have published today's blog I plan to print off a copy and send it to THE FAILURE DEPARTMENT at 10 Downing Street. Actually every square inch of that address is part of the failure department but somehow I doubt I will receive a reply.

Does our prime minister buffooning around in a safety hat six sizes too small for him honestly think the public will take him seriously ?  After hiding away and failing to show leadership during lock down why has he suddenly emerged from hiding ?

Let me share some personal experiences of Boris Johnson's leadership failures. People stopped following government guidelines days ago, just look around you and see what is happening.

My wife has been trying to get medical help since March. Her hearing problem, as a result of not being able to get help, has now made her completely deaf in one ear.  After extensive efforts  to get help she was told yesterday that under NHS guidelines, presumable dictated from the failure department of 10 Downing Street, to have her ear syringed is too invasive. She can have her hair cur, she can go to the dentist but our failing government will not allow her to have simple medical treatment.

Needing a re-prescription of medication for my dog we called the vet. Before the pills could be dispensed he needed a check up, fair enough but the vet is not doing face to face consultations. There had to be a phone consultation !  My little dog can riot in Bristol and throw a statue into the river, he can defy social distancing in Liverpool and fire a rocket into the iconic Liver Building but he can not see the vet !

The NHS Blood Donor system messed up not only my appointment but that of dozens of other donors in May. I managed to negotiate and did indeed give blood but many did not. I complained to the NHS but have heard nothing. I can jam my way into the crowd on a beach in Bournemouth, I can street party in London and attack police officers but I can not give blood without a passport to navigate the failing system operated by NHS Blood Service.

A friend was yesterday trying to process a universal credit claim. Calling the government's failing department he was told he had to process his claim on-line. But I do not have a computer and I do not have access to the internet. OH DEAR - TOUGH LUCK - GO AWAY - NEXT PLEASE !  And Boris you sad apology for a leader you claim your government is helping vulnerable people. You a your cronies would not recognise a vulnerable person if one jumped up an smacked you on that silly hat you are wearing.

So The Failure Department at 10 Downing Street, get Boris a hat that fits him then ask him to contact me. I will show him what the real world under his leadership looks like !

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