Saturday, 23 May 2020

Why ?

SUNDAY 24th MAY 2020
So here I am again writing a page to give future generations an insight into a world facing a man-made pandemic. Why am I doing this ?  I have been publishing my daily thoughts on a blog which on a good day will have a readership measured in teens and only teens ?  Why bother ?

When I say man-man referring to the pandemic mystery surrounds the truth but for certain it was the lifestyle and actions of man that set things going. It was the lifestyle of mankind that spread the disease all round the world and it was the lifestyle of man that enabled it to bed deeply into our society and lives, not just the germs but the attitude they have created.

We have on Planet Earth two forms of life. We have the birds, the insects, fish, mammals and even humans. We then have germs. From time immemorial these two life forms have been at war. The germs attack and we defend.  Stop and think for a moment, it is mainly the humans the germs attack.  Other life forms are not immune to illness but a pandemic attacks humans.

We are not in 2020 seeing the death rates of The Black Death or Influenza in the early decades of the twentieth century but we are seeing situations not known before. My early pages in writing this diary were full of optimism and celebration of those on the front line. Now I could not be feeling more negative no matter what happens.

From a man who most people anticipated would be the greatest prime minister our country has ever had he has turned out to be the biggest failure our worst nightmares could have conceived. Failure is the norm was the way our society was run, I hoped we would move to failure is not an option but the truth is we now have failure is the only way. So many are using the pandemic as an excuse for their failure.

How will this all end ?  When will it all end ?  Why bother ?

In writing this diary I had originally intended to publish it on Amazon once everything was all over. Then I thought I would perhaps publish an interim edition covering the first one hundred days. Today is page fifty-eight. What should I do ? I am wondering if I should just publish it now and stop writing. Nobody will read it of course. I am not writing for people to read today, I am writing for historians in the future. Wouldn't it be a good thing if Microsoft, computers, damn sill smart phones and the internet do not exist in the future. Perhaps I should bury a printed copy in a time capsule for future generations.

Since I started I have written thirty-four thousand words, Today I will read through every word and decide what to do.

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