Saturday, 9 May 2020

We need Churchill

SUNDAY  10th MAY 2020
I have been watching the daily Downing Street briefings every day but yesterday I gave up and switched the TV off. I am sorry  but everything is becoming so repetitive.

I have said before on this page how much I admire the work our government is doing, I doubt there is a country in the world that can boast what we have. Look at America ! Thank god we do not live there.

When Boris became Prime Minister I really thought that we had the right man at the right time to lead the country through this crisis.  He is leading the government of which a speak so highly but he is NOT leading the country. He needs to lead from the front, not from a back room in Number 10.

During World War Two Churchill was there every day leading and inspiring the nation. During The Falklands War Margaret Thatcher was there with the people. Boris where are you ?

Yes, our Prime Minister came close to death himself but that gives him a unique insight and power with which to lead our nation.  He has just become a father again but this should be inspiring him to secure the future for our children and grandchildren. He is probably not feeling 100% fit after his illness. he has a full personal life. But Boris among every single elected Member of Parliament you have the greatest ability to inspire. Step up please and lead from the front. Boris we need you to become Churchill and lead our nation.

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