Monday, 11 May 2020

Too much too soon

Tuesday 12th May 2020
I think the nation is in general agreement that the government is messing up protecting us from corona virus.

I will talk to my neighbours across the fence of our front gardens, social distancing, me talking to two people no problem. SAFE.  Under the new government rules you can meet another single person in a park providing you observe social distancing. So I take doggie Jake to the park for his morning walk and there I find my neighbours. I can not approach them and speak to them as I do at home because there are tow of them and I am only allowed to engage with one person from outside my own home. AH but if they approach me and engage with me I am a single person so does that mean it is OK to talk ? CONFUSION.

I can get into my car and drive to Lands End for a little walk round then drive back.  I can go to work but it would be better to walk or cycle rather than use my car !  CONFUSION.

Of course we want to exit lock down BUT NOT YET. 

If you look at the government's "plan" and set aside the inbuilt confusion there is far too much far too quickly. The government keeps talking about the R Factor - reinfection rate, saying it has to be below 1, which it is. Would it not be better to use the daily death rate as a guide. NOTHING happens until it falls below 100 for seven consecutive days. Then relax things A LITTLE BIT !  Next stage 75 then 50. ONLY when we have a vaccine return completely to normal.

Sorry Boris but I have no faith in your present plan.

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