Monday, 18 May 2020


Tomorrow is the third anniversary of Rebekah's death. As of 7am today we have sold 27 downloads of OUR REBEKAH A STORY OF LOVE FROM OUR NHS.  Amazon will not update the finance account until the start of business but right now £32.67 is showing. That some time in early June will flow in to my pocket. It is important people know what is
happening with money.

Yesterday I posted Smile cards to 6 different hospitals. More will go out today to thank staff for what they are doing in our NHS.

Smile cards and our new weekly quiz sheets were sent to residents in four different care homes. CLICK HERE to check the quiz - a new quiz will be on-line tomorrow.

I printed cards for people to sign and send to families in Ronald McDonald Houses with a child sick in hospital.

A Smile Card works out at 7p including card, printing ink, laminating and postage. £37.67 divided by 7p comes to 538 cards. I did not send that many yesterday but by the end of today I will.

The Smile card is just the beginning. There are a zillion ways we can help people. Today I plan to put out a major project promoting blood donation.

OK. 27 downloads is great. Will you help me now up the game.

Did anyone e-mail MKFM yesterday ?  Come on loads of people hit them today and get them to promote our book.

Would you tell your local MP what is happening ?
Iain Stewart -
Ben Everett - 

I have e-mailed Joe Harrisson CEO at Milton Keynes Hospital -  he is usually very good indeed about replying e-mails but I guess he is very busy. STILL WE NEED TO GET him on board. Simon Lloyd - Chairman of the board is not so quick at replying, I have e-mailed him and yes he is mega busy but we need him on board.  PLEASE HELP BY SENDING FOLLOW UP E-MAILS.

We need to get one national TV/Radio/newspaper to help us. I will be hitting them all as soon as I have finished this newsletter. I have asked for Clare at MK Citizen to help but will you send supporting e-mails:

My initial target was to sell 1,000 copies but would be happy with 100. Amazon say target 1,000,000.  

One Million Sales would mean we could have a Teddy Bear Picnic in every Ronald McDonald House in the UK with every child receiving a toy.  Obviously that would happen once lock down is over. When air mail opens again Project Ronald can start again.

I was spending £50 a week on our homeless lunch. There was a need to spend £100 !
When that venture starts up again we can spend money on REAL LOVE. Sell a million copies and we can take people out their situations and give them new hope.

I am excited

Just imagine what we could do to support The Food Bank.


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