Friday, 15 May 2020

So are we going to escape Armageddon ?

FRIDAY 15th MAY 2020
So are we going to escape Armageddon ?  If you want my honest answer it is NO.

I began writing this daily blog on Friday 27th   March to give my own insight into live in the pandemic. Today will be page number fifty. My original intention was to publish the diary on Day 100. When will that be ?  July 4th. July 4th when the government says we will be back to normal.

We will see.

I think by 4th July we will be in a new peak of the epidemic, one far higher that the one we have just experienced.

Why ?

Because the government has totally lost the plot.

You can accuse the government of failing to act quick enough at the outset, for failing to appreciate the situation. All of that can be forgiven and nothing is to be gained by looking back to point the finger of blame. NOT SO NOW.

We have a prime minister I have accused of leading from the rear. Is he leading from anywhere ?  From the public's point of view he has disappeared !  The last time we saw him he was talking gibberish anyway. I would have thought that Boris Johnson was the perfect person to inspire the nation, how wrong I have been.

The daily Downing Street briefings drone on and on banging away at the same old message, a message of folly.  The road map could have been good but with dates in place and the ridiculous relaxations we are already experiencing it is a road map to disaster.

PLEASE can we have some inspiring leadership ?  Please can we have some common sense ?  Please can we escape Armageddon ?

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