Thursday, 21 May 2020

Road Map To Disaster

FRIDAY 22nd May 2020
If you have stumbled across this blog page let me explain.

Shortly after lock down I started writing a daily diary explaining my feelings. My intention was to publish it on Amazon once the pandemic was over.  I then thought I would publish it once I had written one hundred editions I thought I could publish qs ESCAPE FROM ARMAGEDDON THE FIRST ONE HUNDRED DAYS. Today is fifty-six and I am think about giving up. 

In the early days I kept saying that where FAILURE IS THE NORM was everyday life once we came out of the pandemic this needed to change to FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.  If you are alive today, Friday  22nd May 2020 you will know what is like to live in failure.

On earlier pages I praised our government and prime minister. How naive was I ?  It is difficult right now to understand greater failure.

Armageddon ? The end of the world. I think we probably will escape Armageddon in this form, escape with so many more unnecessary deaths but escape we will.  We can then go back to the former plot to destroy our world. Global Warming.

I have been writing across pasty pages explaining the abundance of wildlife in my own garden. As I write now I am watching robins, blue tit, sparrows, thrushes, blackbirds, starlings and more enjoy their breakfasts.  Once the government steers us back on track we will lose this beauty.

Have we not learned, and I quote from Milton Keynes where I live, that we can live without the climate cowboys of The Centre MK and Xscape ?  Why do we need McDonald's, Burger King and KFC - Kill Frightened Chickens ?  Why do we need to drive hundreds of miles for no other reason than to drive hundreds of miles ? That's easy - the government needs to rip us off with fuel duty ? Why do we need any of these things ?  Again that's an easy question to answer - we need to destroy our planet as quickly as we can. No way can we be allowed to ESCAPE ARMAGEDDON.

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