Sunday, 10 May 2020

Nicola v Borris

Monday 11th  May 2020

Who would you rather have in Downing Street, Boris Johnson or Nicola Sturgeon ?

For my money the answer is Niocola Surgeon !

Have I lost my mind ?

Let me ask you a couple of questions ?

Who is leading from the front Boris Johnson or Nicola Sturgeon ?

Who is clear in what they say Boris Johnson or Nicola Sturgeon ?

Going back six or so months and from the way I ,looked at her Nicola Sturgeon was a lower form of life ! BREXIT !  SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE !  POLITICAL AMBITIONS !  All set aside to love and protect her country.

I am on record saying I have faith in our government at this time but after last night's broadcast from The Prime Minister I am not so sure. The government has bowed to pressure and fallen off the rails.

Last night I had a weird dream, I dreamed Boris Johnson asked if he could spend a day with me, a day where he could explain to me where he was coming from and for me to give an insight from an ordinary person living through the crisis.

Boris I am ready to speak and to listen if you are.

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