Sunday, 24 May 2020

Moral criminal

MONDAY 25th MAY 2020
On yesterday's page I debated bringing this blog to an end, to publish what I have so far written then sit back an watch nobody buy the book.

As you can see I am back. I have not gone away !

Politicians are a lower form of life !  Have I not said that so many times in my writing ?  Yesterday Boris Johnson showed just how low a politician can sink !

For the first time since they started I missed yesterday's Downing Street briefing.  NO I DID NOT MISS IT - I DID NOT WATCH IT !

Boris Johnson has been in hiding for weeks, he has failed to show leadership, he has failed to engage with the public. Yesterday, however, he did attend the briefing - I deliberately do not say LEAD - the briefing, he only attended. He came to defend a moral criminal. How anyone can defend that Cummings man beggars belief. If the man had any morality about him he would have resigned.  Debating the rights and wrongs of his past actions in travelling hundreds of miles from London is not what this is all about, what he did has distressed the public so much quite simply he just has to go. Clinging on against public opinion is a danger. Then for a failing prime minister to come out of hiding in order to defend him is so unbelievable.

It make me wonder who is in charge. Is it Boris Failing Prime Minister or is he just a puppet for the Moral Criminal Advisor to pull his strings.

We are at a horrible point in the history of mankind and now this happens. It just goes to prove beyond any doubt what I have said so many times, that politicians are lower life forms.  The conservative party fails to understand that there are real people at the end of its  policies. The labour party knows perfectly well that there are real people but thinks we only exist for them to play politics with. The actions of Boris Johnson and his failed leadership demonstrate beyond question what I have said to be right.

I will publish this blog on-line and add the text to my book which one day will be published. But right now...........  Will anyone read what I have today said ? I would like it to go viral and help call Cummings and Johnson to account, both failing in their duty to the likes of you and me. Both moral criminals. BOTH SHOULD RESIGN no BOTH MUST RESIGN.

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