Sunday, 17 May 2020

Look who's here !

SUNDAY 17th MAY 2020

Can you believe it ?  Look who's here !

The prime minister has admitted his government's plans for easing the coronavirus lock down are causing "frustration", as he faces a growing revolt from doctors, nurses, teachers and regional councils.

So the media is reporting. 

Common sense is saying supermarkets will soon be running out of salt as we all need to a take big pinch each and every time a politician opens its mouth.

OK let's talk about some nice things shall we.

I did my weekly shop at Morrissons yesterday, spent - wait for it - £105 !  A lot of that money was spent on pasta, bread, rice, currants and suet which every day we cook up and put into the gardens for the birds. We have so many, I just love watching them. They are so tame. We also have a beautiful family of squirrels living in our garden. Why is there this abundance of wild life ?  Because I boil up the pasta and rice ?  NO, because lock down is reducing carbon emissions and making this a more friendly world.

I published my book OUR REBEKAH A LOVE STORY FROM OUR NHS and sales are starting to come in. Amazon say I need to target one million sales, I'll be delighted if we sell 1,000 and expect to sell 100. All royalties will be spent on REAL people within projects in our NHS.

I have sent some fun quiz sheets to residents in local care homes and plan to send out more today.

My focus for next week is to celebrate our Super Hero Bin Men.


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