Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Keep McDonald's Closed

TUESDAY 5th MAY 2020:
I see from the media that McDonald's wants to re-open its fast food drive through. NO I SAY - NO, NO, NO !

Have the last six weeks not shown us that we do not need these crappy American fast food joints ?  Opening them now is not being proposed as a public service, it is only being suggested for commercial reasons - to make sure money finds its way into the bosses pockets. Opening will increase traffic flow which we have managed to bring right down. Opening will murder animals to make its food. Opening will enhance global warming.

KEEP McDONALD'S CLOSED !  And keep all the other American crap food locations closed  as well. Do you know what KFC stands for ?  KILL FRIGHTENED CHICKENS !

While other restaurants have been closed we have seen their kitchens working to provide food for the vulnerable and those working in our essential services. Has McDonald's done this ?  Has it hell !

The airline industry is getting its pants in a pickle.  Until we have a vaccine and the ENTIRE world is immunised there is no way I would get on an aircraft. The last time I flew anywhere was to San Francisco, in some ways I would like to go back one day but as of now would anyone in their right mind want to go to America ?  To American and the way it is managing the pandemic !

The government is due to review its lock down measures at end of the week. PLEASE do not change anything at all.  In perhaps another three weeks things may have eased but until we have a working vaccine do not lift everything.

Wild life is abundant, global warming is slowing. Do not return us to where we were before. I always thought the end of the world would come by way of global warming, that would be Armageddon. Now we have the pandemic so kindly given to the world by China. If we relax things too quickly that will be Armageddon. If we escape that version of Armageddon do not bring it on by reverting to global warming.

McDonalds ?  Kill Frightened Chickens ? KEEP THEM CLOSED FOR EVER !

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