Wednesday, 6 May 2020

In The Year 2095

Today for me I think is going to be a bit of a low day, we all have highs and lows but during lock down the lows are extra low.

When we come out of lock down it is my plan to publish my blog pages on Amazon. I am not expecting to sell any copies but I hope in years to come what I am typing will provide material for scholars to study and get an insight into life during lock down.  What will people think of today's events in seventy-five years time 6th May 2095.

This week in 2020 we are looking back to VE Day on 8th May 1940. Is the world today fundamentally different ?   Is it better ?  Is society today fundamentally different ?   Is it better ? The strengths within wartime society were evaporating by the time I was born in 1950 and completely gone by the time I was a teenager.

The government is now talking about an "app" = APPLICATION to install on a person's "smart" phone to track and trace movement and individual people coming into contact with those who have virus. I believe the so called smart phone is a hideous invention which should be made illegal. Its addictive power is greater than a Class A drug, it turns people into zombies who live their entire world inside their phones. I refuse to use one - SMART people do not need smart phones. So I will not be using one.

I hope when people read these words in 2095, the yea
VE Day celebrations will have the Prime Minister Winston Churchill very much at the centre. I am on record saying we have an excellent government right now taking us through the pandemic. I have perfect faith in what the government is doing BUT we need more Churchillian leadership from Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Yes, he has been seriously ill and almost died but shouldn't that add fire to the battle ?  Yes he has just become  father but that should add weight to the fight so all children will grow up in a better world. Come on Boris we need to see a bit more of Churchill in you. In 2095 Boris needs to be synonymous with the victory.

One thing which lifts me when my day looks, as does today, like being a low day is the abundance of wildlife. The birds in my garden are so lovely and in such abundance. They are tame.  We have always had squirrels in the garden, now we have a family of baby squirrels. Flowers and trees are abundant.  Lock down has slowed global warming.  I just hope in May 2095 when people read these words that there will still be a world with people living in it.  The spirit of World War II was fading by the time I was born and had gone by the time I was a teenager.  Please when this war is over do not lose what we have achieved.

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