Friday, 8 May 2020

I am dehydrated !

I am dehydrated !  I must be. At my advancing age I only got up once during the night to go to the loo ! Today I will have to drink a lot and that means to night I will be getting out of bed on the hour every hour.  Oh dear, what a shame, never mind.

Yesterday was VE Day when the nation celebrated seventy-five years of victory in Europe.  Street parties were held even though we are all in lock down, street parties where families gathered in their own front gardens to party while maintaining social distancing.

What a party we had where I live. Three hours of friendship among neighbours, three hours of fabulous music.  Yes, I was sipping at a can of Pepsi Max but in  the heat I became seriously dehydrated. 

What a party !  People danced the conga in the street while maintaining social distancing.

As well as the disco we had live entertainment with some beautiful music played on the bagpipes.

Not exactly 1945 style but I wore my 1970's disco shoes and flared trousers.

How long is lock down going to continue ?  I think it is pretty obvious that when The Prime Minister speaks tomorrow there will be no change. The people do not want any change. Three weeks on - review on Thursday 28th May, perhaps some slight changes but PLEASE minimal. Another three weeks from then Thursday 18th June. I hope that it may be possible to relax slightly, very slightly.  Normality ?  December perhaps but I am not sure I want normality.  I want the beautiful spirit we all enjoyed yesterday to stay for ever.

Stay at home - Protect the NHS - Save Lives - Do not get dehydrated.

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