Sunday, 17 May 2020


MONDAY 18th MAY 2020
I wonder if the day will come when I do not need to start my blog negatively discussing our hideously failing government !

Did you see yesterday's Downing Street briefing ?  FIASCO !  That is only word to describe what happened.

The SAME script was presented in a monotone fashion switching people off. When it came to announcing the death rate the same old words were trolled out - My heart goes out etc........ Does it hell ? Same words every day, same words read from a script. Politicians have no understanding about real people. Politicians don't care !

For god's sake someone grab Boris Johnson by the hair, drag him in front of the people, kick his arse and force him to open his eyes.

Will I be opening tomorrow's blog in the same way ?  I am sure I will.

Now let's have some positive comment. Let's talk about some real people. Let's talk about success.

Launching OUR REBEKAH A LOVE STORY FROM OUR NHS we have had some lovely sales. Tomorrow is the third anniversary of Rebekah's death so we will be upping things. Yesterday I sent out NHS Smiles to many hospitals up and down the country. I sent out Smiles to four different care homes.

Even with all the pandemic and lock down this is still a beautiful world. Corona Virus is trying to destroy that world. We have got to ignore our failing government and pathetic Prime Minister. We need to take charge.

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