Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Feeling Unsafe

Right now I am feeling unsafe. I have lost all confidence in the government. We have a prime minister who is leading from the rear, can you imagine Churchill behaving the way Boris is ? The way is being opened for the Labour Party to start playing politics which is its sole purpose for existence. We have an over-paid media injecting society with negativity. We have a royal family making the odd media appearance here and there instead of speaking to the people every day. We have Richard Branson begging for money while carefully protecting his own fortune.

I do not feel safe.

Yesterday I went to donate blood. Driving to the donation centre there were far too many cars on the road. My appointment was for 12.25pm so please do not tell me these were people driving to work. The donation point was Christ The Cornerstone in Central Milton Keynes where the surrounding area was deserted.  The way the NHS staff operated the donation session was beautiful and while measures were in place I do not feel they were sufficient to the protect staff.

There are thousands of us now in Britain who have been put at risk, some of us are going to die.

I do not feel safe.

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