Saturday, 30 May 2020

Death Sentence

SUNDAY 31st MAY 2020
How many perfectly healthy people right now are under a sentence of death because of the failure of Boris Johnson and his government to manage the pandemic ?

Over 38,000 people have so far died, 381 died yesterday. We have the second highest death rate in Europe and yet the government thinks it can significantly relax the lock down.

When will the next spike come ?  It will come, that is certain. End of June perhaps. 

How many more people are going to die ?

How many of your friends and family, how many of my friends and family going to die ?

You have only got to listen to the way different members of the government daily read their scripts and quote statistics to understand their failure to realise people are making up their statistics.  When a speaker says his heart goes to to families who have lost someone the lack of emotion makes you question their sincerity/

An where is Boris again ?  Having emerged to defend his little chum, having emerged to  dictate the thinking of all in government to support his little chum he has disappeared again. Lord Lucan aren't you getting tired of Boris Johnson's company ?

Scientists and doctors are in some cases starting to break ranks. Doctors and scientists who are warning against following government policy.

See that nuclear bomb over there ?  It's perfectly safe if you social distance from it.  We have now relaxed the rules, you can go and touch it if you wish. Let's relax the rules a bit more, go and flick the switch - chances are it won't go off.

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