Sunday, 3 May 2020

Conspiracy Of Failure

MONDAY 4th MAY 2020:
We are all quite rightly celebrating our amazing National Health Service. There are no words to express the love and dedication it is bringing to the current situation. How about this for a scenario - You go to your local GP with a cold. 80% in similar situations spend the rest of their lives seriously ill. Another scenario. 80% of children going to school will not be taught how to read, write and to be able to add up.

Unimaginable !

Why then is it the case that 80% of those entering the justice system will fail and become life-long re-offenders ? The justice system is a conspiracy of failure. FACT.

Go to any hospital in then country and you will find every single member of our Amazing National Health Service going the extra mile.  Go to any supermarket and you will find an abundance of staff in very difficult circumstances welcoming shoppers, keeping everyone safe, maintaining stock and giving millions of pounds to support those in our communities for whom the pandemic is hitting extra hard.  The list of love goes on, the postman, the bin men and so many others. 

What is happening within The Conspiracy Of Failure aka our Justice System ?  Lock every prisoner from serial killer to petty offender 23 hours a day. The Conspiracy Of Failure has elevated its failure to a new and higher level, it has built  a time bomb of mental health issues. When that time bomb explodes the results will be catastrophic.

OUR NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE - We don't treat our patients we care for them.
OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM -  We don't reform our prisoners we just lock them up

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