Saturday, 2 May 2020

Chapter Twenty-Six

At the end of the funeral celebration I invited everyone to come back to pour home for a garden party. At funerals this is a courtesy often extended to those who have come to bid farewell to the person at the centre of the service but it is seldom taken up. The sun was shining and an estimated one hundred and twenty people came to Rebekah's party.

We had asked friends to bring cakes to the party. More than one thousand cakes were brought by friends, so many of them in Sheffield Wednesday white and blue. There were so many left after the party we took them to Milton Keynes Hospital where the senior management took them round to patients in the wards. A thank you from Rebekah to our Amazing, Wonderful, Beautiful, Loving National Health Service which does not treat its patients but cares for them.

We decorated the garden with an abidance of flowers purchased from the local garden centre, all were blue and white.

I found our local Poundshop was selling blue and white owls in the shape of bells. I grabbed every singe one from the shelves and placed them round the garden for the party.

The sun shone brightly throughout the party as it took Rebekah's Smile to new places.

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