Saturday, 2 May 2020

Chapter Nineteen

Even at my advancing age I live a full life, supposedly retired I am involved in more activities that I can quickly relate. I think Rebekah and I share the same character traits.

As well as her work Beck studied at home and gained qualifications in child counselling. He hobby was cross stitch and our home is adorned in every room with her work.

Beck liked to party, she was a bit of a socialite. She was also partial to a McDonald's, here she is at nephew Adam's fourth birthday.

When I made a video about Doggie Jake going to McDonald's and posted it on YouTube Beck was not amused. Secretly I think she was.

Beck also like to holiday. A very special holiday was soon to come her wasy.

9th August 2012 was the happiest day of Rebekah's life and was very special day for every single member of our family. On that day Rebekah and Gary were married, Rebekah was no longer Rebekah Ashford but Rebekah Deer.

Everyone at the wedding had to be dressed in blue and white, Sheffield Wednesday colours. We joke that Rebekah taught Gary about shopping and Gary taught Rebekah about football.

Gary is a great man and a valued friend who brought so much love into Rebekah's life.

I have told you about Rebekah and cars ! One evening she called me to say she had broken down down on the motorway heading home to Northampton, when she and Gary were married they moved to live in a property Gary owned in the town. I drove to Beck and together with the RAC made sure she got home. Another car Rebekah lost confidence in, another car we had to replace.

Realistically community from Northampton to Broughton Manor Preparatory School in Milton Keynes was a bit of a chore so Beck applied for a position at Little Houghton Day Nursery. She was happy in all the jobs she held from Safeways to The Centre MK, from Broughton Manor to Little Houghton but perhaps Little Houghton was her favourite.

The paediatric clinic at Guys Hospital in London was amazing, I can not sing its praises loud enough but on becoming an adult Rebekah chose transfer to the renal department at Churchill Hospital in Oxford. A clinic operated from Oxford at Milton Keynes Hospital. Rebekah's case was in the charge of Doctor Philip Mason. It is he who said to me: I do not treat my patients, I care for them. Very special words which I have said many times to many people and have written several times here, words which are at the heart of of National Health Service.

Rebekah was happy, Rebekah was well, Rebekah was smiling and Rebekah was living life the full.

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