Friday, 1 May 2020

Chapter Eighteen

I do not want a dog !

Adopt Jake, adopt Jake. Rebekah never gave up. Adopt Jake, adopt Jake.

I have told you, I do not want a dog !

Jake is sitting now in his chair watching me as I write these words.

I can not begin to tell you how much I love Jake and how much he loves me. I can never explain the love he has brought into our family. Thank you Rebekah.

Shortly before Rebekah was going to be married she and Gary decided they would have a dog. Lucy at that time was living in a rescue centre. Staff had come to work one morning to find her tied to the gate. How sad was that !

Lucy is a mischievous lady, just like Rebekah. Her doggie smile perfectly matches Rebekah's cheeky and infectious smile. Lucy was a bridesmaid at Gary and Rebekah's wedding. When they went away on honeymoon Lucy came to stay with us, we loved having her but I did not want a dog of our own.

Rebekah had other ideas. There was a little dog by the name of Jake at the rescue centre who for months and months had been trying to find his forever home. Nobody wanted him. I didn't want him. Beck used to bring me photographs on her phone always with the message: Adopt Jake !

It was nice having Lucy come to stay, she was welcome ant time, but to have a dog living permanently with us would be life-changing and not something I believed we could cope with.

Adopt Jake. Adopt Jake.

Finally one Sunday we gave in and went to the rescue centre to see Jake. Maureen walked into the kennel slightly ahead of me. In his cage Jake picked up a toy, ran to the bars, sat up and begged. We were going to adopt Jake,

I can not tell you for how many weeks Beck had been pestering us to adopt Jake. In the office at the rescue centre we were signing the adoption papers when a couple walked in and asked to seek Jake. Had we been half an hour later then Jake would not have become part of our family and the love he has brought would have been denied us.

Adopt Jake. Adopt Jake. Thank you Rebekah.

Here is Maureen taking Jake and his girlfriend Lucy for a walk.

They really are great friends, boyfriend and girlfriend.

Thank you Rebekah for making us adopt Jake.

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