Monday, 18 May 2020

Back Facing Boris

TUESDAY 19th MAY 2020
I see that a group of cross-party MP's have produced a nineteen page document criticising government policy in tackling the pandemic. THEY ARE MISSING THE POINT. But that's what members of parliament do isn't it ?  MISS THE POINT !

People in all walks of life are working like crazy in this war against an invisible enemy, REAL people are going the extra mile. They, we, you and me - WE NEED LEADERSHIP. Boris Johnson is FAILING to give that leadership. He is facing backwards ?

The daily Downing Street briefings are monotone, heartless and completely useless broadcasts. Read from a script, the same script every day, in a tone of voice which is turning people off !  When was Boris last at a briefing ?  What's he scared of ?  Why is he failing to inspire and unite the country ?

People keep saying that Boris Johnson is facing the biggest challenge since World War Two and Winston Churchill. He is and he is FAILING.  Could you imaging Churchill leading the nation with his back to the people ?

Boris Johnson is a backward facing failing prime minister who is NOT inspiring our country.

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