Thursday, 14 May 2020

Action Plan 14th May 2020

Yesterday was a day full of stress - THANK YOU AMAZON !

I checked then double checked the text for Our Rebekah A Love Story From Our NHS before submitting it to Amazon in e-book format.

180 pages - 64,348 words. Fully illustrated.

Amazon came up with a price of £1.77 and royalties of £1.24.  I thought that was good.

When everything was uploaded I checked the preview only to find that Amazon had screwed everything up, MESS.  I then went through everything and removed all of the illustrations, re-submitted the text and went back to preview. OK this time so submitted it for publication. Accepted and went live.

I really wanted to have it in paperback format, that is where the big time stress came in. Time after time after time I tried to unscrew the mess Amazon was making with the cover but gave up. Not today but when I have de-stressed a bit I will take on the Amazon Geeks again.

All that took about FOUR hours.

For every book sold we get £1.24 to spend on our projects, particularly those working with the NHS and people in need of mental and physical support.  How many will we sell ?

1,000 is my target, if we sell £100 I will be pleased but realistically I will be surprised if we sell 10. Somehow I fail to inspire support.

Everyone is right now showing some amazing love for our NHS which is lovely.  I have been shouting my mouth off about the NHS for more then 35 years so do I not have a better track record than those currently being featured in the media ?  I am not going to raise over 30 million pounds as one gentleman did but the few who do support me will not be ripped off by JustGiving to the tune of £608,000 ! With me what you see is what you get. £1.77 to buy the book - 53p for you to have the book to read - £1,24 to spend on REAL people in REAL situations within our NHS - not money thrown into a bottomless pit.

Today I am going to have to prepare a press release then send it out tomorrow. I am not optimistic.

Yes I am stressed big time.

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