Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Action Plan 13th May 2020

WEDNESDAY 13th MAY 2020:
Ok so this is what's happening in The Sunshine Smile Crew today.

1. I am going to finish the final playlist for Week Two ready for when Radio CRMK opens up again. 10 playlists = 20 hours of broadcasting = 320 tracks. I have to say that I have enjoyed listening to the music. DONE 9.08am

2. I will finish the final editing for Our Rebekah A Love Story From Our NHS. I will then submit it to Amazon as a potential e-book. When I know the price Amazon want to give to the book I will ponder it for an hour or so. DONE 11.36am

3. While pondering I will book my next blood donor appointment.  DONE 11.39am

4. I will prepare the second music quiz for The Geriatric DJ www.geriatricdj.com 

5. Depending on what Amazon have to say I will set the book to become available on 18th May 2020 so it is published in time for the third anniversary of Rebekah's death. Next step is to prepare it in paperback format on Amazon. I am worried about the price so may have to offer a non-illustrated price.

6. I want then to do a bit of work with our Smile cards and music quiz to offer them to residents in care homes.

7. Finally for today I want to do a bit of writing for a kids book I am working on.

I am dreading this but have to work on the marketing for Our Rebekah. 

I also want to work on my ideas for celebrating our Bin Men - Posties - Police


Tomorrow I am going to need loads of help but today I would be grateful if you could help spread the word for our Music Quiz: www.geriatricdj.com



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