Monday, 11 May 2020

Action Plan - 12th May 2020

TUESDAY 12th MAY 2020:
It appears to me that this new and confusing government plan is taking things too far too fast !  I think most of the country will agree.

I had anticipated the activities we have been doing over the past three years would come back on-line somewhere between October and December. With a few key people in The Sunshine Smile Crew we have been adapting things to do what we can now and work towards what we will be able to do in the future.

It appears to me that any time plan will advance, we need to respond to the situation so preparing to negotiate a safe path through the confusion. Can I share a few thoughts with you.

I would like to change our mission statement slightly:

Celebrating lives: We have ALWAYS celebrated our NHS and have an operational project sending Smile Cards to patients, relatives and staff in local hospitals. There was a lot of interest on Facebook yesterday when I was asking for contacts in our team of bin men. I am working on an idea which I will share within the next few days to celebrate the work of these super heroes as well as our supermarket workers, posties and both staff and workers in care homes. Everything turning round our Smile Cards.

Mend broken lives: We have our Project Ronald which is sending love and smiles to families with a child sick in hospital. Before lock down we were asked to help two medical centres set up drug awareness and support programmes. We were working on a project to have a community payback team maintaining the grounds of Milton Keynes Hospital. We were working with Dreamsai every week running our Lunch of Love. We set up the writing project Down and Out In Milton And Dreams. These are all on hold but are starting now to move to the horizon.

Save lives: Today I will be donating blood. The single pint of blood I donate can save up to three lives. We were working with ethnic communities to donate blood and to raise awareness of organ donation. Sadly our TeenHeroMK blood donor project was forced to close when the schools shut. It will come back once all schools are fully working again. An idea was floated to work with the police in Cops For Blood. Why can't we have Posties For Blood, Supermarkets For Blood, Bin Men For Blood ?

Over the next few weeks I want to publish a regular action plan, one I hope which will be a lot clearer than the governments as WE seek to outwork the mission of The Sunshine Smile Crew.

TODAY: Can I share with you all what I will be doing today.
  • I am donating blood after which I will try to assemble in my head a plan for what I was talking about above and to seek your help.
  • I need to completely finish the text for Our Rebekah A Love Story From Our NHS. It will be published on Amazon one week today, the third anniversary of Rebekah's death. I am going to need YOU to help market this as it will be an important way of funding our work.
  • Anticipating the radio studio opening soon I want to work on playlists.

YOU ! Ok that's me today. This is what I want YOU to do today.  Go to and look at the retro pop music quiz.  Try it out for yourself then SHARE IT so we engage with as many others as we can. Engage and make people SMILE. Engage and bring support into what we need to be doing.

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