Friday, 22 May 2020

A Road Map Of Smiles

We have had some loving support from some beautiful people but in contrast EVERY group we have supported in the past failed to respond when we asked for their help !

The Milton Keynes Citizen was very kind to us and promised to help with projects we operate across the coming year. Now in our fourth year of Smiling.

MKFM has been a waste of space. Let's see how the station responds to the letter I sent yesterday.

I have fired off a series of letters twisting the arms of the media. I would like to suggest we hold back now from trying to engage the media's support and see what happens. Let's hold back until Monday 4th June and see if anybody gets back to us. Of course I may get a
dozen calls today in which case all of that changes.

Yesterday I had a video meeting with our council clerk. WOW I actually made it work. If any TV station wants to have me on a show I am ready and able to make the technology work.

Right now we have made £39.93 from our book OUR REBEKAH A LOVE STORY FROM THE NHS.  If the groups we have supported had supported us back we could have made more.  If the media finally shows heart then prepare for orbit.

Obviously SMILES will continue to be sent out with love every day. A reminder of our mission:

To achieve this we need SITUATIONS, PEOPLE & MONEY.

We have so many situations needing our love and smiles, more than we can possibly

Pre lock down we had THREE people actively on the ground doing things. We had 91 members of our on-line Sunshine Smile Crew but that has slipped to 90.

MONEY - since we started I have insisted that money to fund what we do comes from my pockets. I do not think it is right to take a single penny from any cause we support. However, my pockets are just not deep enough. That is why I want to generate income to my pockets from my books. The income is taxed so it is quite legitimate for me to do what I like with it, to give it to any project or person I want.

Some have said instead of being a support group we should become a charity in our own right. The red tape we would have to negotiate a path through would detract from what we need to spend our time and love on.

Between now and Monday 4th June I would like to share each day SITUATIONS where our SMILES would celebrate lives - mend broken lives - save lives. Of course if the national media hit me today that could change. TOGETHER we can then build a road map of
SMILES for the rest of the year. I am NOT saying post lock down because we are ALREADY putting SMILES on so many faces every day.

I am blaming myself, RIGHTLY, for the fact that I have failed to get the media on board, that I have failed to get ten thousand members into our facebook group, that I have failed to get support from the groups we support. But....

That does not mean I am not going to keep trying.
It does not mean I am not going to celebrate so much the beautiful people who got behind OUR REBEKAH A LOVE STORY FROM THE NHS

There are TWO other books which are Rebekah's.

This is a photograph of an original text for a story I wrote for Beck when she was a child.

Now on Amazon THE WILD ADVENTURES OF DI CENTRAL EATING will cost you 99p to download of which 74p we can use to make people SMILE.

This picture is of Beck taken around the time I wrote that book.

A second, or should that be a third, book for Beck is THE BRIDGE HOUSE. That will cost you £1.49 to download of which we get £1.19 to help make people SMILE.

The Bridge House, I believe, is my best piece of work. The Wild Adventures Of Di Central Eating is my second best work.

OK, I'll stop writing now and wait for the BBC, ITV News and The Sun to call me. Not sure if the editors at MKFM know how to use a phone. Tomorrow and each day up to Monday 4th June I will share SITUATIONS, PEOPLE & MONEY seeking your help to make a ROAD MAP OF SMILES.

Have a great day.

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