Monday, 13 April 2020

Who Am I ?

Tuesday 14th April 2020
In my book THE RAMBLINGS OF A SILLY OLD MAN  I say  how it is better to know a little bit about a lot of things rather than to know a lot about just one thing. Can that be applied to character ?  Personality ?

So who am I ?

Right now rattling the keys on my laptop to share how I am feeling during lock down I am speaking as Max Robinson the writer. Behind Max there is my real self - David. But David is also The Geriatric DJ, he is Councillor David, he is Chairman David, he is The Silly Old Man. At this moment in history just who am I ?

With the radio studio closed an my not being clever enough to broadcast from my laptop, it's the laptop which is not strictly speaking clever enough rather than your truly, I am no longer broadcasting the music I love.  As the Geriatric DJ I used to broadcast for two hours five days a week.  I do miss my radio shows. When will I be able to return to the microphone ?  Another of my books THE FANTASIES OF A GERIATRIC DJ never imagined anything so unbelievable as the situation we are all living through right now.  When the airwaves of the world are blessed with my return I would like to come back broadcasting an overnight disco party.

Councillor David.  The office is closed, much of the council's activities are not active. I have been speaking on-line with some of the residents I represent.  I will be pleased to get back to serving the community but somehow I do not think this will be a subject for the pen of Max Robinson.

Chairman David.  I was so excited when I was appointed Chairman of Thames Valley Police Community Forum for the area and had all kinds of ideas to make this a powerful area within our community. Max Robinson was going to have a role here as I blogged different areas of policing shadowing the front desk, custody suite, chief constable, control room and riding along on shifts with patrol officers. When is this going to happen.

When I broadcast on the radio I fool around saying I am The Silly Old Man. Each Saturday when we hold The Lunch of Love for homeless rough-sleepers, those who are down on  their luck, the lonely, those who just want a bit of friendship I play the role of The Silly Old Man as I try to make people smile and be happy. How I miss those Saturdays.  Of all the activities, of all the different character traits I miss this more than  any other.

When will normality return ?  People say that and I have written it in this bog man times. One thing can be certain, normality will never return. There will be a new normality. Perhaps on another day I will ponder what a new normality will be like.

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