Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Time To Clap


8pm tonight - time to clap for the NHS !

When I clap I will be applauding the NHS, of course I will, I am a great fan of our National Health Service. However, I will be clapping for ALL of our emergency services.  I will be clapping for the armed services as they help in the emergency.

I do not believe in god, I do not do religion but every night before I sleep I am going to pause and fill my heart and mind with those I know and love but am not right now in direct contact with.

I want her to celebrate the efforts of our government but I am not celebrating our media, headed by Thew Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation aka The BBC where negativity is spread across what is happening.

Just as I do not do religion I do not do politics. What the government is doing is NOT politics. How fortunate we are to have Boris Johnson as our Prime Minister, get well soon Boris we need o see you on TV again. Boris is the right man at the right time and I would here put on record my support for his leadership. 

I am a royalist but I am disappointed to to be seeing members of the royal family speaking out with messages of love and support.

We have lived for decades in a society where failure is the norm. Right now as we fight this invisible enemy failure is not an option. As you clap tonight clap for success, when we come out of this emergency clap that we do not return to failure as a norm.

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