Sunday, 26 April 2020

Time to be heard

MONDAY 27th APRIL 2020
Yesterday I filed a formal complaint with The Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation regarding Laura Stupidcow !

It is ever so easy to do, just go to this link :

We can not allow ego centric political journalists to capitalise  on this situation.  If public morale is undermined then such terrible things beyond imagination will befall us.

Harry Potter did not give our government a magic wand even if he did give Laura Stupidcow a broomstick to ride on !  The government is going flat out to do the best for us all, of course mistakes are being made. So what !  Better to be proactive, achieve all that has been achieved while making the odd mistake than to do nothing.

Can you imagine where we would be if Jeremy Rubbishbin were in charge !

So no messing ! Go to the link and file a complaint about the nagativity of The Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation.  DO IT NOW !

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