Thursday, 23 April 2020

Thumbs Down !

FRIDAY 24th APRIL 2020:

Time to give Facebook the thumbs down. I am not going to stop using Facebook completely but I will from now on use it in a different way.  

People have always posted rubbish on social media, that's the way it is after all, but I am BITTERLY disappointed that I have failed to inspire people to stand aside from the rubbish and support me in trying to use our smile card and my writing to help people smile and be happy in these difficult times.  Yes, I do feel that Facebook is letting me down but it is I - ME - YOURS TRULY who is failing to inspire people. The thumb is down for ME.

I do want to say a MEGA BIG THANK YOU to my extra special friends who are phoning me, writing to me, e-mailing me and messaging me every day.  My thumbs - ALL TEN OF THEM ARE UP FOR YOU. Wonderful people - I love you all.

There are hints now that lock down in one way or another is going to continue until the end of this year and possibly into next year.  I have been saying this repeatedly - WE HAVE LIVED IN A WORLD WHERE FAILURE IS THE NORM - IN THE NEW WORLD WE WILL ALL LIVE IN HAS TO BE ONE WHERE FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.

We have always had our AMAZING NHS go the extra mile, now they are going an extra ONE HUNDRED miles every day of the week. THANK YOU.

I have always said that the BIN MEN are the hardest workers in Milton Keynes, if all staff within the council worked half as hard as our wonderful bin men then we would be living in Utopia.  THANK YOU.

Come rain shine, blizzard or heatwave POSTMAN PAT can always be relied on to deliver our mail. I am using mail a lot right now. THANK YOU POSTMAN PAT for literally going the extra mile.  THANK YOU to the wonderful lady who runs my local post office.

Supermarket shopping has never before been a good experience, not before.  I am now shopping just one a week.  THANK YOU MORRISSIONS for going the extra mile making shopping such a positive experience.

Earlier this week I went to Central Milton Keynes Police Station to deliver some Smile Cards to officers. Doors to the station are locked, you have to phone the front desk who will then attend to your enquiry.  I spoke to a wonderful man and left the cards in an envelope outside for him to collect. THANK YOU MILTON KEYNES POLICE for all you are doing.

THANK YOU ALL - I doubt any of you are posting rubbish on Facebook.  TOO BUSY GOING THE EXTRA MILE LOVING THOSE OF US WHO DEPEND ON YOU.

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