Saturday, 11 April 2020

The Satan Bug

As I watch the television I listen to people saying this is the worst crisis to hit the world in the last one hundred years. Is it ?  The death toll, as alarming as it is, is tiny compared to losses in war. The difference here is the entire planet is involved, no nation can be neutral as many would do in war.

Is this really happening ?

When I first started writing a blog, back in December 2016, if I fell below 100 readers a day it was unusual.  Yesterday 7 people read what I had to say, 10 the day before. So why am I bothering to write this page every day ? I have been writing for a couple of weeks. Well it is my ultimate aim is to publish everything as a dairy with the title Escape From Armageddon. But will we escape ?

In my youth I was a fan of the writing of Alistair Maclean.  He wrote a book The Satan Bug using the pen name of Ian Stewart. In the story a scientist knocks over a test tube containing as germ warfare experiment. In exactly the same was as the corona virus is spreading so did the Satan Bug. Is that what happened in China ?

The Satan Bug is fiction. Noah, his ark, flood, animals and all that is fiction. The extinction of the dinosaurs is not fiction. Are we witnessing the extinction of mankind ?

Zager and Evans had a great hit with In The Year 2525. If mankind does survive, if we do Escape From Armageddon scholars may read what I am reading. That is if all of this is not just a dream

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