Saturday, 4 April 2020

Punishing the cowards

Without looking the number up do you know how many people died from corona virus yesterday ?

One thing you do not need to look up is the fact that they died alone without their loved ones around them. They will not receive the dignity of a proper funeral with people there to celebrate their lives.

The death toll will go up, that is certain. It will go up before it starts to come down. Let's project ourselves forward by two weeks to Sunday 19th April. How many people will die on that particular day ?  If you are ignoring the government guidelines then YOU will be responsible for the death of of people within that number. How do you feel about that ? COWARD.

We are at war, this is a World War but a world war where the world is united to fight against an external enemy. Every single human being on the planet is involved. The brave people are fighting, the cowards are ignoring the government guidelines and putting lives at risk.

In a war the traditional punishment for being a coward is to be shot at dawn.

Here is an extract from my book QUANTUM MECHANICS in which I tell of a coward being shot at dawn.

"It's not easy," the Major said, "but it is a reality of war." 

"When I trained to be a doctor I trained to save lives not to take lives." 

"You did not take the poor wretch's life, the firing squad did that. all you did was to certify his death." 

"He was so young." 

"Cowardice in the face of the enemy is no respecter of age and is a capital offence, he knew that and so was entirely responsible for his own death." 

"Squad take aim." 

The two or at most three seconds pause was an eternity. 


Six rifles cracked their deadly sound and the wretched man, he was hardly a man, was no more. The medical examination was a formality, he was dead. Six bullets accurately fired into his heart showed an explosion where they had simultaneously hit his chest. Yes he was dead. 

Thirty minutes earlier he had been alive. My examination of his body declared him fit and well, fit and well enough to face the firing squad, fit and well enough to die. 

Paperwork completed and signed  I returned to the field hospital behind the lines. 

To read the full book CLICK HERE

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