Thursday, 16 April 2020

Page 1,023


Today I will finish writing my story The Lonely Ghost which is all about an adventure my two granddaughters Katherine and Frances have with Daniel who id The Lonely Ghost.

It has been great fun writing it but once I have typed up the last word comes the boring bit. EDITING.  Reading the text time after time after time to eliminate typo's.  I am hoping I will be able to publish book on Monday or perhaps Tuesday next week.

This is page twenty of my daily blog which I am calling Escape From Armageddon.  I began writing a blog in December 2016, this is my 1,023rd page, obviously I have not been writing every day but I do intend to write every day as we remain in lock down due to corona virus. 

My original plan was to publish my blog from late 2016 as The Diary Of A Silly Old Man. That never happened. I do intend to publish this Armageddon blog once we have escaped from Armageddon. When will that be ? Before I add today's page I am up to 12,565 words. Yesterday the government extended the lock down until Thursday 7th May, I am sure it will go on well beyond then. I am thinking I may well publish an interim edition ESCAPE FROM ARMAGEDDON THE FIRST ONE HUNDRED DAYS - what day will that be ?  Let me have a bit of a calculate. I started writing on 28th March, this is Day 21. The lock down is extended to Day 44, not even half way.  One hundred days, early July.  I doubt we will be out of lock down by then.

One thing I have decided for my book when I publish it - I will NOT be checking it for typo's. What you get is what I wrote.

Speak again tomorrow.

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