Sunday, 12 April 2020

Journalists - a lower life form

Monday 13th April 2020 – Day Nineteen
I want to devote a few hundred words today to slag off journalists, particularly The BBC aka The Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation. With the whole country united to fight this invisible enemy, most people going the extra mile to help others we have the sad, pathetic morons who think it is their role to undermine morale. 

I am sick to death of hearing over-paid presenters on the BBC and third rate newspaper cretins droning on and on and on about a shortage of PPE - Personal Protective Equipment. If you have a magic wand then wave it, if not then shut up and celebrate those who are busting their rear end to both manufacture what is needed and then to deliver it to where it is needed. Stop trying to force the government into plucking targets out of thin air. 

I am even more sick to hear these boneheads for ever asking when we will be told of an exit strategy. At Dunkirk did journalists keep droning on about an exit strategy to win the war ?  Did they heck.

I said on yesterday's blog that while not many people are reading this page each day I hope in years, decades, centuries to come some will read it and reflect on life for an ordinary during the pandemic.  If you are such a person from the future I would like to make it VERY clear to you that journalists are a lower life form and those working in The BBC are fifth columnists undermining public morale. 

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