Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Good And Bad Days

If you don't have the odd bad day then it is impossible to have a good day. Think about it.

When I was teaching I suggested a title for an essay senior students may like to write. If we ever achieve Utopia it will be Hell on Earth !  If everything in the world is perfect then you take away the reason for living.

The previous blog entry was positive, big time positive.  Yesterday for me was not a good day. It would be wrong to say it was a bad day, it was a mediocre day.  It rained all day so sitting out in the garden did not happen. Instead sitting indoors with my laptop my backside went to sleep. I spent much of the day writing Rebekah's biography.  In order to complete the book by the third anniversary of her death I need to write four thousand words a day, yesterday I wrote 3,501. Brain dead I just had to give up.

In the evening we watch TV. I am finding it hard watching drama and comedy on TV where stories show people going about their lives in what used to be a normal society. As I write Beck's story it is contained within a normal society. We do not have a normal society now.

I have recorded the series World At War, every night we watch an episode. Last night I watched the story of Russia and how against all odds the people won through. Hardships ?  You and I don't even begin to understand the meaning of the word.  I also watched a documentary last night about the comedy Dad's Army.  For me it is frustrating that the only way I can fight in this war is just to stop at home.

The other night I watched a documentary about Ann Frank and her diary.  I used to read that with students in school and several times took trips to Amsterdam in order to visit her family's hiding place. Now that was real lock down.

I am writing this daily blog to help maintain my sanity. When I have reached one hundred editions I am going to publish it on my Amazon Library Shelf. I doubt anyone will read it but that is not the point. I am writing it for myself. I am writing it trying to encourage others to keep similar diaries.  I am writing it in a hope that in decades, centuries to come people may read it and gain an insight into life for an ordinary person in this situation. To any reader of today's page I would say you can not have good days in any life unless you have the odd day. If we ever do achieve Utopia, trust me, it will be hell on earth.

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